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How We Got Started...

Not too long ago I was preparing my pup's regular evening meal in my kitchen and my neighbor happened to be over at the time. All of a sudden I hear 'Good Grief, Maria! When I die I sure hope I come back as one of YOUR dogs!"

BoscoIt never even occurred to me as I stood there chopping the fresh vegetables for each bowl to be piled onto the holistic kibble and then sprinkled with a touch of organic parmesan cheese that this might not be considered 'normal' in many households with dogs. And guess what?! In the morning for breakfast they get a spoonful of fat free cottage cheese on their kibble with a Fish Oil vitamin on top! Ziti

The thing is, we are not alone in this world of humans who love their 'dogs' and are passionate about the quality of life they live. These are not 'Just Dogs', they are our babies and if I wouldn't eat it myself (minus the kibble, of course!), why would I feed it to them?!

Over the past five years we have spent thousands of dollars buying the most expensive organic and natural treats to give 'The Beans', as we lovingly refer to them. We thought the more expensive it was, the better it BaciMUST be, right? From training treats to 'just because you are so darn cute' treats to Birthday cakes…. Yes, our Beans get a doggy birthday cake every year with presents, candles and the works!.... we paid ridiculous prices only praying that the ingredients listed were accurate as our babies have allergies and very sensitive tummies.

Then one day my husband, who just happens to be an Executive Chef, says 'Why are we going broke spending all this money on these organic treats? Why can't I make these items for them myself?!' …… And so the first Doggy Bagel was baked in our oven and the official Fuzzy Taste Testers approved! But why stop there?! We decided that we could bake all kinds of fun, healthy treats AND doggy birthday cakes for other families like ours, and make it AFFORDABLE!
And so the Three Bean Dog Bakery was created…..