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Welcome to Three Bean Bakery For Dogs

100% Organic Dog Treats

Our homemade treats and cakes are free of 'bad stuff' such as animal by-products, grains (corn, wheat and glutens), chemical preservatives, or sugars/artificial sweeteners, but FULL of  LOVE! paw

Be sure to sniff around "Our Bakery Products" to see what tempts your tummy! There are lots of fun 'packages' to choose from. Keep checking in on us as we continue to come up with great new themes and ideas!

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Our Promise...

We are forever feeding stray cats that we find along our path (we have 4 who live on our grounds at Our Promisework!). I consistently keep stale crackers and chips in my purse and car in case I run across some ducks, raccoons or squirrels which is pretty much an every day occurrence where we live. We promise to always take care of the helpless and precious creatures out there that cannot help themselves in whatever way that we can.
And we PROMISE YOU that we will personally bake the best and healthiest treats that will go in your 'babies' tummies! We wouldn't have it any other way!